WOW! God Bless You, and Thank You, Roberta and Richard for a stellar session and such well-detailed notes. I feel especially graced by your and Richard's generous spirits and gorgeous hearts. Your eager desire and splendid willingness in giving so excellently in helping people be in divine light, love, truth, and wisdom is glorious. Thank You for your patience in reading the above, and, again, for a stellar session. You are awesome! Susan

Just a note to let you know I have been using your weight loss meditations for years, and as of now I have lost a total of 151 pounds - from a high of 310 pounds on Jan 1, 2003 to a current of 159 pounds on Jan 1, 2015. Thank you for all your wonderful work over the years. Keep the good stuff coming. Judith

Dear Dick and Roberta, I just want to thank you both for another enlightening experience, which I enjoyed very much!! You are both just phenomenal people with amazing expertise!! Thank you so much!!! Carolyn

Roberta, you brought peace to my life thru your card reading, I can't think you enough, I really didn't believe in that, but you proved, in a few minutes, that you really were hearing messages, meant for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I only wish you good things, in your lifetime! It was such a blessing, that we met. Karen

Dear Richard and Roberta, I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing session yesterday: it was just such a breakthrough for me; such a revelation (or two!). I think you're both amazing and I'm very happy for you. Cynthia

Thank You for such a marvelous gift!!! I would, after I fully process the amazing revelations, welcome a future session to help me learn more about being more fully in divine awareness while honoring my intuition and maintaining a more appropriate balance in caring for myself while fulfilling familial responsibilities. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Susan


Valley of the Sun Publishing Company


Valley of the Sun Publishing Company


Valley of the Sun Publishing Company


Valley of the Sun Publishing Company

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